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About Mariela

Being a doula is my passion. I do not feel that I work as a Doula for a living, I just am a Doula. And that means that any important situation for women is also important for me since the most relevant part of a doula’s work is to support the mother-to-be in all her emotions in a respectful way, without judgments & very closely. It’s also my job to help her dissipate her doubts and fears. I dedicate my time to the mother, creating a special connection between the two of us. Finally and naturally, we become confidants, as friends and sisters … my role is not to judge the mother, just make her feel like a woman, a Goddess, a creator, and a wild mammal. My passion lies in educating women about how incredible they are, the amazing things their bodies are capable of, how to trust their intuition, and how to exercise their rights.

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