New Parent Partner Class

Support Your Partners Journey


Parenting From a Parent's Perspective

Your partner is doing everything possible to prepare for the birth of your baby. You have been involved in those preparations and planning, but are you ready? The AB&B New Parent Partner Class is here to help you find your way and truly support your partner’s journey into the amazing state of parenting that you are both about to enter.

About the Class

This online gathering of parents-to-be is led by an experienced Papa, Enzu Castellanos, who is a writer, a college instructor, and a father of two, and will consist of discussions on practical ideas that will help you make the transition into being the best parent and partner you can be.
We will discuss the realities of pregnancy and labor. What is happening and what to expect.

Next, we’ll cover the challenges of the first two weeks and the first two months of being a parent. Along the way, you will discuss a variety of facts and strategies to support you through each phase and help you prepare yourself to best support your partner, your new baby, and yourself.

Class Offered Virtually via Zoom

Investment – $50

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