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Baby Spa in North Miami Offers the Royal Treatment

Being a baby is nice – you eat, sleep and go to the spa! ‘Amazing Births and Beyond’ is now catering to newborns. Originally published at https://www.nbcmiami.com/entertainment/6-in-the-mix/baby-spa-in-north-miami-offers-the-royal-treatment_miami/48320/.

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Karen’s Kudos June

Amazing Baby Spa Photo by Francisco Aguila A baby spa Miami, delicious coffee in 60 seconds without a machine, Spanish bookstore, nail salon that gets the details, my verdict on the Movie Pass, a new bakery and more news in Coconut Grove, all in Karen’s Kudos for...

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Miami’s first baby spa is here because why not

Has your infant been on edge lately? Is the munchkin carrying tension in his or her pudgy little potato shoulders? Do we really have the right to be surprised by anything anymore? Enter The Amazing Baby Spa, Miami’s first spa catering to human beings with soft...

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Is Kate for real?

There has been a buzz about Kate Middleton’s photo just a few hours after birth. She looks beautiful, relaxed,  radiant.  Many people have said that this is neither “real” or realistic. I believe it is both. In our culture, we have been so conditioned to...

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‘Hypnobirthing’ Keeping Moms Calm During Birth

Soon-to-be mothers take part in a hypnobirthing class. (Source: CBS4) MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Delivering a baby is a very stressful time, but some couples say they have found a way to help them stay calm. It’s called “Hypnobirthing.” It’s an unconventional birthing method...

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How a reporter became a fan of natural childbirth

MIAMI — I was in the bathroom just after midnight, wishing I'd skipped that extra piece of my husband's birthday cake. At nine months and a day, my pregnant body didn't have room for extra anything. A bit too slowly it dawned on me. This wasn't about cake. My...

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