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Jun 25, 2018 | Press

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Amazing Baby Spa Photo by Francisco Aguila

A baby spa Miami, delicious coffee in 60 seconds without a machine, Spanish bookstore, nail salon that gets the details, my verdict on the Movie Pass, a new bakery and more news in Coconut Grove, all in Karen’s Kudos for June.

Calling all Boujee babies…..The Amazing Baby Spa has come to Miami, complete with infant massage and hydrotherapy through custom float tubs. And while baby is being pampered and relaxed, mom can get acupuncture, yoga and specialty classes such as HypnoBirthing®,  a method of meditation and visualization used by Kate Middleton, Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen.

Catering to infants from two weeks to eight months old, the Amazing Baby Spa features soft lighting, relaxing music and float tubs, which are special baths where babies float thanks to doughnut-shaped flotation devices. Here’s a video from a similar concept in Australia that is sure to make you smile.THIS:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc-6pRXIq3M

Following the stimulating yet relaxing floating treatment, which lasts between 20 to 30 minutes, babies are wrapped in a warm, hooded organic towel and dried gently, followed by a full body massage with organic grapeseed oil.  Parents who take their babies to the spa are trained in the art of “infant massage” by a certified instructor, allowing them to continue the infant massage at home.

baby spa Miami, MiamiCurated
Amazing Baby Spa Photo by Francisco Aguila

Besides getting babies familiarized with water in preparation for swimming lessons, the float tubs are said to have numerous health benefits including improved sleep patterns, regulated digestive systems, enhanced immune system functions, reduced stress hormones, increased circulation and refined muscular coordination.

The initial visit to the spa costs $125, which covers the training for parents and a waterproof travel bag that includes a reusable swim diaper and Jones’ instructional DVD “The Trifecta of Infant Massage”.. After the initial visit, the price is $85 for subsequent sessions. The spa also offers packages of three, six and ten visits for a discounted price as well as gift cards.

caffe di artisan, MiamiCurated
Caffe di Artisan

Delicious coffee in 60 seconds  without a machine? Yes! Caffe di Artisan are liquid single shot coffee pods. They come in eight varieties of origin and intensity, from Colombia, Peru and Ethiopian to Indian and a combo of South American and Indian (decaf too). All you do for an espresso is take the coffee out of the pod and heat it up. For a cafe americano, use the frother to get a creamy texture and add water. Want a latte?  Instead of adding water, add milk and use the frother for the milk. The coffee lasts 30 days when kept at room temperature, 8 months when kept in the fridge and up to three years if kept frozen. We tried it, and though we prefer our Nespresso coffee, this is a welcome option for travel, hurricane season and as a gift item. It’s sold in boxes of 10 pods, from $6.99 to $26.99 for the organic variety from the Blue Mountains of Southern India. It comes with the frother. And another plus, the pods are recyclable.

altamira libros, MiamiCurated
Altamira Libros photo courtesy of El Nuevo Herald

Looking for books in Spanish for all ages, interests? Altamira Libros opened with little fanfare at 219 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables (probably because of the street work) last year. They feature thousands of titles in 25 categories, from art and sports to fiction, language, business, travel and more. There’s also a special reading corner and books for children, and visiting speakers, local writers. Want a special title? Request it and they’ll do their best to find it.

Neo Nails Miami, MiamiCurated

I’m all about the details. And here’s a nail salon that does it right — Neo Nails at 426 SW 8th Street. The place itself isn’t fancy BUT a glass of  wine, champagne, coffee or water comes with whatever service you get. They give a respectable mani-pedi and at competitive prices — $15 for a regular manicure and  $26 for a pedicure. No waiting either, and free valet parking (just give a tip).

Present Bakery, MiamiCurated
Present Bakery

On a recent “recon” mission to check out what’s new in Coconut Grove, I discovered Present Bakery in the space formerly occupied by a Peruvian restaurant, 3195 Commodore Plaza. It’s the first US outpost of a chain with roots in Colombia. Not surprising, they have their own Colombian style coffee, breakfast pastries, cookies and breads along with sandwiches. They said favorites are their white, dark chocolate and almost croissants. We tried the orange poppyseed cake that was delicious. …….Sadly, I also saw that one of my favorite gelato places, Bertoni, closed. In its place will be Meraki, a Greek restaurant. Georges French bistro is now Rue Bistronomie. And when you’re in the neighborhood, Isabel Riera which is where I had a recent event a few years ago, has some cute summer dresses and at accessible prices.

Even if you go to the movies once a month, you should definitely consider Movie Pass. It’s such a good deal, I would have said it’s too good to be true if I hadn’t used it for a few months. You pay $9.95 per month and can see one movie a day (every day if you want) at a large selection of theaters that include everyone from the Regal South Beach and  the Landmark at Merrick Park to your favorite art theaters (Coral Gables Cinema, the Tower, etc). It’s easy to use too, just download the App. And you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you want to pay less, there’s a new plan for $7.95 that gives you three movies a month. Note: you can only reserve the same day you plan to go. Yesterday we made the mistake of planning to go to a 4:15 showing of Jurassic Park and didn’t reserve in advance. The movie being the summer blockbuster, it was sold out. But this was the first time it happened to us.

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