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Dr. Keeler and her team at Amazing Births & Beyond has provided excellent care and customer services for pre/post natal care and care for our baby. From doula services, classes, and baby therapy everything has been provided with the upmost professionalism and compassion. You can tell everyone cares about their patients and enjoys what they do. My husband and I have been empowered through their teaching and given us confidence as parents. Thank you!,
Andrea Seay Rice

Dr. Vivian and her classes are amazing. She’s also the best chiro for pregnancy. She helped me with my bad back pain in only two chiro visits. She has golden hands.

Marielle A Levy

Amazing Births & Beyond is a wonderful environment with quality, knowledgeable women caring for and instructing mothers in prenatal yoga, educational courses, pregnancy massage, baby & me yoga, water therapy & massage for the baby, and more…. Further, it is lovely to meet and form friendships with beautiful mothers. I am very happy that Amazing Births is providing more support for mothers in our community.
Susanne Caudle

Amazing place with amazing Vivian and her team. Love to be here
Doula Olga Proskuryakova

Dr. Keeler is a person who brings peace, love and calmness to birthing. My oldest is 13 years old and I’m still thankful for her participation at his birth. Words cannot express how much I appreciate her.
Pamela Ann Howe

Vivian is amazing! We took the Hypnobirthing course with her at Mt. Sinai, and learned so much! As soon-to-be first time parents, we now feel a million times more confident, and are very much looking forward to the birthing experience. Vivian is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and wonderful at responding to any questions you may have. We are now looking into the possibility of hiring a doula from her staff because we had such a great experience! Highly recommend
Valerie Brenes

Like the name suggests… AMAZING… the place is beautiful, clean, tranquil, peaceful, dr. Keeler is INCREDIBLE. As a first time mom I was TERRIFIED of giving birth, I wanted to have a vaginal birth, but I was all in for the epidural, I was clueless about the possible side effects and to how many options I actually had! Then one friend recommended this place to me and their Hypnobirth classes, Best. Decision. Ever. The price is great for what you get, after just one class I felt super empowered and I received TONS of information about my body and my baby that helped me feel a million times more confident, I went with my husband who was a bit skeptic and when he saw the videos he told me “i want that for you”. Four classes later I was sooo confident that I could have my baby that when the time came, I didnt miss a beat, I used all the tips and tools that were provided to me at Amazing Births and was able to fully dilate with very little discomfort. When we got to the hospital I was already 10cm dilated and never had I once screamed or panicked. We welcomed our baby girl with the help of our doula, Iana, with NO pitocin, NO epidural and NO fear. The whole labor and birth took less than 4 hours, which is pretty awesome for a first timer, baby was born in under a minute, it was perfect and I’m sure I couldnt have done it without all the information and tools provided to us by Dr. Keeler. If you are like me and are clueless about birthing, but want to have a peaceful, easy, amazing birth, do yourself a favor and come here. I can’t thank them enough. You wont regret it!

Astrid Hoogesteyn

I’ve spent a lot of time the past couple of years taking courses within the natural birth, coaching, hypnosis and massage world. Most of these are online, especially right now. By far the absolute best of these has been the HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator training with Vivian Keeler.
A number of things made this course stand out above the rest. First off is Vivian. Vivian is a well educated and well spoken teacher who very graciously encourages and supports her students. There is a wealth of experience tempered with a humble and present attitude. The course is inclusive, defaults to participation over lecture, and all of us felt very well included. HypnoBirthing International has developed an extremely good power point style presentation and video library that truly walked us visually through each aspect of the class. The educator notebooks, reading, open book exams, online resources and support truly are a step above almost any online class I have taken prior to this one.
So we’ve covered the fantastic teacher and the layout and presentation of the content, the inclusivity and inclusion of the class, and then there’s the actual content. HypnoBirthing by far is the best tool kit I have found to teach couples real defined tools that they can learn, practice and grow to have the absolutely best possible chance at a natural birth, at a supported and loving birth, for a more comfortable laboring experience. Mongan Method HypnoBirthing gives parents a 5 week course that will completely change their relationship to their birth.

Bonnie Rovics

I found my doula at Amazing Births . It was a wonderful empowering experience ! I am so grateful for their help. My doula made a huge difference and helped my birth be an experience I enjoyed.
Antonia Sigl

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