Preparing Your Pelvic Floor

for Pregnancy & Postpartum


The importance of your pelvic floor

Your pelvic floor plays an important role during pregnancy and labor. And yet, the majority of women don’t understand how the pelvic floor works, are unable to access these muscles, and are told incorrect or incomplete ways to “strengthen” them. As a result, women often suffer from incontinence, extensive tearing during labor, and eventual pelvic organ prolapse. None of this needs to happen.

About the Class

With a combination of lecture and movement-based learning, this class will demystify the pelvic floor. Mamas will walk away with a clear understanding of this region of their bodies– the muscles involved and how they work, techniques to strengthen them, and movements they can practice to prepare for a more easeful pushing phase of labor and a faster recovery process postpartum. Both pregnant and postpartum mamas are welcome.

Investment – $79

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