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What is Prenatal Massage Therapy?

Prenatal massage is a natural, touch therapy aimed at alleviating pregnancy-related symptoms. Indulge your changing body with our special massage treatments that soothe the body and the soul. 

60/90 min prenatal massage: $100/$150 

What is Induction Massage?

You should not consider an induction massage until you have reached the full-term level of your pregnancy. If you’ve reached Full-Term, an induction massage can aid in the natural transition into labor. An induction massage focuses on acupressure points found in the back to the legs, feet, and hands which can do several things.

An induction massage…

  • can help release your sacrum and pelvic area to create more space for your baby to come down into your pelvis
  • will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to stimulate labor
  • decreases stress hormones and increases natural Oxytocin which is the primary hormone responsible for childbirth and bonding
  • allows your body to reach a deep relaxing state while stimulating these points so your body can do what it naturally is designed to do

There is no guarantee that an induction massage will induce labor, but because it relaxes you, it can put you on the labor path and encourage labor to begin spontaneously.

90 min Induction massage : $150


Facial Massage Add-Ons

Facial massage is a treatment that includes using hands to massage the face and neck to stimulate blood circulation, promote relaxation, and improve the appearance of the skin. The therapist will use a combination of different massage techniques such as stroking, kneading, and pressure application. All these techniques stimulate blood circulation, leading to relaxation with the result of glowing and beautiful skin.

15 min. facial massage – $25

Benefits of Facial Massage

Improves collagen/elastin, fine lines and wrinkles, and hormonal acne.

What is Infant Massage?

Massage therapy is not just for adults. Book a private infant massage session to learn techniques you can apply at home to help relax and comfort your infant and witness the benefits first hand.

What are the benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy?

  • Reduce Swelling
  • Relieve Lower Back Pain
  • Improve Sleep
  • Regulates Hormone Production
  • Relieve Pain Naturally
  • & more!

What are the benefits of massage therapy for infants?

  • Better sleep for parents & infants
  • Improves sensory development
  • Supports bonding
  • Calmer, happier babies
  • Improves digestion
  • & more!

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Look no further! Gift them a 60 or 90 minute prenatal or postnatal massage at Amazing Birthing & Beyond in North Miami Beach.

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Prenatal Massage FAQ's

When can you get a prenatal massage?

You can get a prenatal massage at any point during your pregnancy, but most women find that they get the most benefit during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

What should I wear to my appointment?

There are no specific attire requirements for a prenatal massage. Before the massage, you will be given the opportunity to remove as much or as little clothing as you are comfortable with.

Are there contraindications to prenatal massage?

Pre-eclampsia, deep vein thrombosis, and placenta issues are contraindications to prenatal massage. You should always disclose any special circumstances regarding pregnancy with your massage therapist.

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