Fitness Classes for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Prenatal Yoga & Pilates

North Miami Perinatal Fitness Classes

Toning exercises such as yoga and pilates can help your body prepare for and heal from birth. While traditional yoga and pilates may be somewhat challenging with a pregnant or postpartum belly, these classes are designed specifically for women during this transformational time.

Drop-in: $30

4 Classes: $ 100

6 Classes: $ 120

**All Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-shareable.


Pre & Postnatal Pilates

Our specialized 6-week prenatal mat Pilates series meets once weekly and is taught in a progression and focuses on the specific changes to and needs of the body during pregnancy.

Our specialized post-pregnancy mat Pilates series aims to train your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles safely and to effectively reshape your body. The classes progress each week of the series and meets once weekly.

Prenatal on Thursdays @ 1:30pm
Postnatal on Tuesdays @ 1:30PM

Investment: $150 per 6-week series

Prenatal Yoga

Strengthen and stretch your birthing body with prenatal yoga classes. The calm and healing powers of this practice will prepare your mind, body, and spirit for your upcoming birth experience.

WHEN: Every Monday from 6-7PM and Every Wednesday from 10-11AM

Drop-in: $30
4 Classes: $ 100
6 Classes: $ 120

Baby & Me Yoga

If you’re a busy new mom trying to become more active or trying to lose baby weight, you can now BRING your cute side-kick with you and workout with a certified trainer who is also a Mom! No babysitter needed. Extra play area also provided during class. Breastfeeding and baby-wearing welcome in a comfortable atmosphere. Spend quality time with baby or toddler WHILE working out. Shayna incorporates your child into, easy-to-follow, effective, fun routines with you. The program is designed for all fitness levels and targets the whole body! Great way to break down a post-baby belly and tone everywhere else! Our mission is to create strong moms physically and emotionally in a very supportive and motivational class.

WHEN: Beginning September 1st, each Friday at 10AM

Pregnancy in Motion

A combination of aerobic exercise, dancing, stretching, breathing, relaxation & visualization techniques that will allow you to experience your pregnancy connected to your body and your baby while experiencing the pleasure and the benefits of movement.

“Embarazo en movimiento” by Poli arises from a genuine desire to accompany the wonderful and exciting process of pregnancy through the pleasure of moving our bodies and our souls, of sharing with others and enhancing a state of joy and peace.

Classes are designed based on a combination of different disciplines and techniques such as aerobic exercise, dancing, stretching, breathing, relaxation & visualization. These will provide the perfect tools to enjoy your pregnancy in connection with your body and with your baby.

Class experience:

Each class is an invitation on a journey through movement and awareness. First, we connect with our bodies and we start warming them up through stretching and breathing. Then, we do approximately 25 minutes of low-intensity aerobic exercise & dancing with uplifting and cool music. After that, we start our cool-down focusing on balance & stretching exercises that will help improve the baby’s position for birth and relieve any pain that may have arisen due to the growing belly. We finish with a final relaxation and visualization. These classes can be done during all trimesters!

WHEN: Beginning August 2nd each Thursday at 10AM

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Class Policies

How Do I Signup For Class?

Pre-registration is required through Mind Body APP touchless registration.

If you have never used Mind Body, you can create a new account.

If you already have an account, but forgot your username or password, send us an email.

What Are The Reservation Policies?

We take pre-registration seriously! If you don’t show up for a reserved class, or if you cancel late (within 4 hours from class), your visit will count as if you attended class. You can always cancel your reservation early (before 4 hours from class) and your visit will be put back into your membership. If you feel sick or unwell for any reason, do not come to class! Email us to let us know what’s going on, we will remove you from class without penalty.

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