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Lactation Support

Breastfeeding can be challenging at first. It is common to receive conflicting information. Let one of our experts help guide you with information, support, and hands-on help. 

How Can A Lactation Consultant Help?

Achieving a good, deep latch is the key to breastfeeding. A lactation consultant can help with identifying possible barriers to an effective latch, provide tips for achieving a deeper latch. They can also help provide insights into best practices for feeding timelines and how to establish sufficient milk production.

Home Consultations

In-home consultations are the best option for new moms who are experiencing difficulty establishing a good latch.

One of our lactation consultants will travel to you so that they can carefully observe what help is needed and provide hands-on assistance, guidance, and support.

During an in-home consult, any additional questions about supply issues, feeding timelines, etc., can also be addressed.

Sessions usually last about 2 hours. 

Investment: $230

Virtual Consultations

Virtual consults are for addressing issues other than latching. They are great for getting questions answered like “is baby getting enough?”. Virtual consultations are also great for addressing:

  • Supply issues.
  • Pumping schedules for going back to work.
  • Breast milk storage.
  • Possible reasons for colic or food sensitivities in baby.
  • Etc.

There is no time limit but sessions usually last about 2 hours. 

Investment: $150

Breastfeeding FAQ's

When should I reach out for breastfeeding support?

As soon as you experience any struggles with breastfeeding, or see any signs that your baby is not eating well, you should make an appointment. Reaching out at the first sign of concern can help prevent more severe issues from developing, such as bleeding or cracked nipples, mastitis, or supply issues.

Is nipple pain normal?

While some discomfort is common when breastfeeding, it should not be painful. If you are experiencing any sharp pain, pinching, or bleeding, this is a sign of latch issues. 

How can I meet other breastfeeding moms?

Our Breastfeeding 101 class is a great way to connect with like-minded moms and prepare for your breastfeeding journey. This class is offered in-person and online. Also, you can watch our social media for our “Milk & Cookies” support group.

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Can a Lactation Consultant help with pumping & bottle feeding?

Yes! Our lactation consultants are educated in all methods of infant feeding. They can help you weigh out the best option for feeding, how to introduce bottle feedings without compromising breastfeeding, how to overcome challenges of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and formula feeding, and so much more! When you contact us, let us know what your feeding goals and concerns are, and we will connect you with a consultant who is the best fit for your needs.

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