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Caring for the new baby

Infant Care Education

You planned and prepared for the birth of your baby. Everything went perfectly, and you have just experienced the most amazing day of your life … the birth of your baby!

You Have A Baby… Now what?


About the Class

Having a baby can be the most life-changing event you will ever experience, just the thought of having to adapt to a different kind of life is scary. Learn how to care for your new infant and what to expect. Leave this course feeling confident with the tools and knowledge that all parents need.

This class is intended to prepare and educate you to understand your baby’s wants and needs:

  • Is the baby getting enough food?
  • Not enough food?
  • When should I burp my baby?
  • How do I store breast milk, and for how long?
  • What is a normal temperature?
  • Why is the baby crying more?
  • Different holds for feeding baby, Cord care,
  • Swaddling, Bathing baby.
  • Respiratory patterns and sleep cycles.
  • The list continues…

Prepare yourself for those early days. This is a practical fun class for all to enjoy!

Investment – $50 per couple

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