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About Carla

My name is Carla; I was born and raised in Argentina, and that’s exactly where my passion for birth was born.

It was after witnessing the miracle of my brother’s birth that I truly understood the power, magic, and strength of women.

As a Birth Doula and Placenta Specialist, my mission is to do everything in my power to make your dream birth come true, whatever that dream birth may be! It truly is that simple.

I am 100% committed to applying natural ways to coping with pain during labor. Those methods include breathing techniques, hydrotherapy, counterpressure, massages, changing positions, visualization, and meditation among other things.

However, I fully respect and support women who prefer or are open to undergoing certain medical interventions during labor and birth, and I am just as committed to supporting, encouraging, educating, and protecting those women to the best of my abilities as well.

Oftentimes families underestimate the importance of postpartum care for both the mother and the child.

The ongoing changes in the mother’s body during pregnancy, labor, and birth are not quite over after the baby is born so it is crucial for women and families to take postpartum care very seriously. This is why I fell head over heels in love with the unique, ancient, and powerful effects of placenta consumption.

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