Birth Doula L.M., L.M.T. Lactation Consultant

About Sharon

Sharon began educating and supporting women in pregnancy after experiencing her own three pregnancies and births. Her pregnancies lit a spark in her that led to a passionate desire to educate other women and support them on their journey to motherhood. Her babies were delivered naturally and breastfed. Sharon has been a doula for over forty years. She believes strongly in Informed Consent for all health care recipients and teaches people an acronym that is helpful. Use your BRAINS when seeking medical and healthcare advice. What are the Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Indications, No, I don’t want that, Sequelae?

Sharon also practices as a Licensed Midwife,(Lic.# MW16). She has training in multiple childbirth education methods. As a Midwife, Sharon has years of experience that provide not only medical knowledge but wisdom.

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