Postpartum Doula

About Valerie

Valerie’s doula journey began when she was invited to her cousin’s out-of-hospital birth at the age of 16. Unknowingly, she attended the birth as a labor supporter and simultaneously encountered the setting of her passion. She received her doula certification in 2016 and continued to support others in her close circle as a doula. Valerie has continued into midwifery and has since graduated from a direct entry midwife program. Through midwifery, she has provided maximum individualized continuity of care for clients transitioning through the phases of antepartum, labor, delivery, and postpartum.

A background in midwifery gives her the knowledge base to best service both seasoned and first-time parents. Her ambition as a postpartum doula is to provide judgment-free education and compassionate support to all family members.

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