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About Aaliyah

Aaliyah is a Caribbean woman of Panamanian and Jamaican descent, and a mother of two children. She prides herself on being an intuitive doula with a compassionate heart and devoted to always being authentic. She is spiritual and holds close to her heart her indigenous ancestral holistic practices. These include her knowledge with a variety of herbs and plants and the benefits they serve in a medicinal way. She helps women to find their Divine feminine energy by helping the women that she serves to know their power. Having had both an induced, hospital birth and a natural water birth lead by a Midwife, Aaliyah has firsthand experience with both sides of these experiences. It was because of the amazing impact her birth team left on her that she was inspired to become a doula as well. She loves experiencing the journey from pre-birth to postpartum with families, empowering them and educating them on evidence-based statistics and knowledge. She is passionate and a firm believer that our body was made and built to birth safely, and with little to no medical intervention, when possible. As a mother, having a village of loving supportive people around you during postpartum is so important for mental health and the recovery process of mind, body and soul. She feels that it’s a blessing to serve families helping them in any way needed. Aaliyah finds a high level of compassion and empathy by having a supportive role in someone’s lives during such vulnerable time, and being an anchor in the families lives brings her a sense of purpose.

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