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About Celina

My name is Celina. I am a dedicated, energetic, and honest Graduate of Midwifery school. I am also a trained Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Breastfeeding Counselor. I graduated from Nursing school in 2016 and have extensive experience will all aspects of childbirth and childcare services. I have over 1700 booked clinical hours and over 340 documented births. I love children, I believe they are the future and we need, we must, we have to nurture them now..I was inspired to become a Midwife after knowing that my great-great grandmother, great grandmother, and grandmother were also Midwives on their journey to Trinidad and Tobago from India in 1845. I began my training in Midwifery in 2010 at the International School of Midwifery in Miami, Florida.

I first began my journey by completing my Doula training course in 2012. I decided to advance and continued my birth education by completing my Associate’s Degree in Midwifery in 2014, and my Nursing education in 2016 at The International Institute of Health Care Professionals in Boca Raton, Florida. I have apprenticed and assisted with many South Florida Midwives and various birthing centers.

Celina has been offering informative and empowering support for women throughout labor, birth, and beyond the postpartum period. As well as opened and owned a Daycare facility since 2017.

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