Glow & Flow Yoga~ with Jennifer Radney (Tuesdays at 6:30pm)

Enjoy & embrace the beautiful journey of pregnancy with prenatal yoga. This class will prepare you physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually for motherhood. Nurture & gently open your body throughout every stage of your pregnancy with guided Asanas (yoga poses), meditation, breathing methods & mantras. Breathing & body awareness through yoga helps you stay connected to your changing body not only through pregnancy but after as well.

Many other advantages of prenatal yoga are:
– Reduces aches & pains, increases circulation
– Increases flexibility, circulation, strength & balance – strengthens birthing muscles
– Releases endorphins
– Eases insomnia
– Balances moods
– Decreases anxiety
– Quickens postpartum & recovery time

This series is specially formulated to prepare your mind & body with tools for labor & delivery. Each week of this series covers a different focus ranging from breathing & visualization, hip opening, partner exercises, how to use balls & supportive props for a more restorative practice in class at home. Gain strength, comfort, balance and confidence as we prepare together to bring out the goddess within with prenatal yoga.


Conscious Pregnancy Pre Natal Yoga with Jiwan Kaur (Wednesdays at 9:30am)


Jiwan Kaur E-RYT 500 certified Kundalini and Pre-natal Kundalini yoga instructor and teacher trainer for Conscious Pregnancy. She has been teaching Conscious Pregnancy Pre-natal yoga for over 15 years. In each class you will experience Breathing techniques, calming , relaxing and strengthening postures (safe for all trimesters) and meditation. Having a strong foundation of these tools supports all Mothers in having both a conscious pregnancy and birth bringing calm, secure and peaceful babies into the world. Jiwan also leads baby blessings which celebrates the sacred journey of welcoming the baby’s soul and honoring motherhood with sacred rituals. Jiwan brings her wisdom, grace, and peaceful presence to each unique ceremony. Please feel free to contact her to find out more about the blessings. ~ ~ 954-445-6775

Perfect for Pregnancy Yoga (Mondays 5:30pm & Sundays 8:30am)

Iana began her study of Yoga at birth, at the feet of Swami Satchidananda and alongside her Yoga loving parents.  As her mother battled Breast Cancer, and Iana became her Caregiver, Iana began to move away from her successful career in Public Relations and towards the Holistic life calling to her.

In 2007, following the passing of her mother, Iana became a 200 hour certified Yoga teacher.  In the years following, she became an ERYT- 500 level teacher certified in Children’s Yoga, Prenatal, Post Labor, Mom & Baby Yoga, Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for Seniors and now holds a medical specialty in Orthopedic Sports Injury. In addition, her Yoga therapy program for the Special Needs Child, has been implemented in numerous school curriculum though out New York and Southern Florida. Iana is also a DONA certified Labor Doula and has assisted in dozens of births throughout New York and South Florida.

In 2011, after the passing of her father, Iana went on to become a Holistic Life Coach. Iana works with Caregivers of terminally ill loved ones to navigate their difficult time, support them through the impending grieving process and equip them with the tools she used to move into a happier and calmer space in life.


Prenatal Yoga with Courtney Just ( Saturdays at 9:00-10:15am)

Call us for more information or for referrals in other locations. 786-955-6560

Pregnancy is both a magical time of anticipation and a time of great change. A prenatal yoga practice provides the perfect opportunity for mamas to practice self care and to bond with their growing baby. This class helps participants  meet the need of their changing bodies, allowing them to release any tension and soreness related to pregnancy, support a healthy range of motion, and maintain toned muscles. Emphasis is placed on understanding and working with the birthing muscles, breath work, mental calming and centering, and deep relaxation techniques. All of this not only helps mama feel great in her pregnant body, but also prepares her body, mind, and spirit for her birthing day.

A prenatal practice will give  tools she can take with her off her mat and into her labor room.

But, this practice is not just for mama.

Prenatal yoga is wonderfully beneficial experience for developing babies as well. As a direct recipient of all relaxation hormones and healthy, oxygenated blood mama produces during her practice, baby will love prenatal yoga too, literally growing in a space of calm and peace. Plus, yoga poses are an effective way to help baby get into an optimum position for birthing.

Prenatal yoga is a nurturing time of self care for mama a special time for her to connect with her baby. It’s a moving meditation that mama and baby share. A time to bond with one another in a mindful way that only a mama will have the honor of experiencing.

No yoga experience necessary 


Baby and Me Yoga (Saturdays 10:30am-11:45am)

The first year of motherhood is a time of new physical and emotional demands. Though no longer carrying around a pregnant belly, mamas are now nursing, cradling, and carrying a growing baby, with a post birth body that she is living in for the first time.

Baby and Me yoga helps transition mamas smoothly through the busy early months of caring for a new baby, contributing to her physical and mental well being. This multilevel class is designed to improve posture, strengthen the pelvic floor, rebuild the core, release tension, and help mama find ease in her daily movements while strengthening the emotional and physical bond between mother and child.

Babies are incorporated into the practice with shared mommy/baby poses, infant massage, and various exercises that mama guides baby through to assist muscle development, motor control, and healthy movement.

Furthermore, with each class, mama will become more familiar with movements and sounds to calm herself and her little one, as babies who practice with their mamas are often calmer and sleep easier.

Baby and Me yoga class is the prefect way for mama to get in her yoga practice while bonding with her baby. Because a strong, calm, and peaceful mama makes for a strong, calm, and peaceful baby.

No yoga experience necessary.  Feedings, diaper changes, and meltdowns during class are all welcome. Classes are open to healthy postpartum women. Please get approval from your doctor or midwife before registering.


Meditation For Pregnancy Sundays  (4:00Pm-4:30Pm)


This 1/2 hour, Meditation for Pregnancy, class will be offered weekly and led by Iana Malcolm.
A daily yoga and meditation practice during pregnancy helps to improve birth weight, reduce premature births, and lessen overall medical complications for newborns.

Here’s an overview of what women transmit to their unborn children through meditation.

Reduced Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety suppresses the body’s health functioning, especially in terms of the immune system. Anxiety and stress are common accompaniments to pregnancy, with definite side effects. Anxiety during pregnancy may:

  • Lead to low birth weight
  • Increase the complications of labor
  • Increase the risk for miscarriage
  • Increase the risk of birth defects
  • Lead to premature delivery
  • Increase use of prescription medications
  • Make pain worse during labor
  • Stress family members.

Meditation is a safe way to reduce anxiety and restore the normal functioning of the immune system during pregnancy and childbirth.

Anxiety also reduces pain tolerance. Meditation not only increases pain tolerance by reducing stress hormones (like cortisol) it also helps the body produce endorphins, which go beyond relieving pain to enhancing pleasure.

~Price: $20.00