The top 3 Most Helpful Gift Ideas to Give a New Parent, According to New Parents!

Aug 11, 2021 | Postpartum

We all know how cute a baby looks in a onesie, however, there are only so many onesies your baby will wear before they grow out of them! Here are three gift ideas that are extremely helpful as you navigate the transition into parenthood.

  1. Put a “group gift” option on your baby registry for a birth or postpartum doula. While it is expensive to hire a professional labor support person, the experience is priceless and the way in which a doula prepares you for birth can be invaluable. Postpartum can also be tricky to navigate, especially if you do not have family who is available to help. Family and friends can contribute whatever they can to get you the support you need.
  2. Ask family to drop off prepared meals for you after the baby is born. You will be so busy caring for your baby that you might forget to eat! Your body is going to need all the nourishment it can get to produce the milk to feed your baby. You can organize a meal train online to make sure that no two people drop off meals on the same night! And if you have a friend that does not cook, you can link your favorite local restaurants for them to order from and deliver to you.
  3. Hire a house cleaner. Is it a luxury? Yes. But so many new parents say how overwhelmed they are with caring for a new baby that they forget there is a sink full of dishes and mounds of dirty laundry. Having someone come once a week or twice a month will help you feel less stressed and simply be able to focus on getting to know your baby!

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