Thoughts and Considerations for Choosing the Right Birthing Environment

Aug 11, 2021 | Birth

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine yourself giving birth. Picture who is surrounding you. What is going on in the room? What is the lighting like? Are people talking to you? Is there music playing? Or is it quiet? Is there someone taking photos? When you picture yourself in labor, where do you think will make you the most relaxed and safe in your body? 

This image is different for every birthing person but it is the most important factor in deciding where to give birth. For some people, being in the hospital is what makes them feel safe because there is hospital staff ready to help when you need it. For others, a birthing center makes them feel relaxed and at ease as it has a similar ambiance to a hotel or a home. And lastly, someone might feel the most comfortable at home, in the environment that they are most familiar with. 

The place you choose needs to be an environment that will allow you to relax enough to trust your body in labor. Where ever you choose to birth; the decision is yours and yours alone. Once you decide where you will be giving birth you can practice setting a loving boundary for family and friends that may want to give you unsolicited advice. Although our loved ones want to help and show us love, it might not be the most helpful feedback.

If you encounter a friend or family member that has a strong opinion about where you plan to birth or how you choose to seek out care during your birth journey, you can simply say to them: “I know that you love me and care about me but can we please not talk about this right now?” or  “I want you to help me focus on how great of an experience I am going to have!” 

As you grow your baby and inch closer to your baby’s birth date, you might consider protecting your energy from anything that does not serve you to have a healthy, happy birthing experience. This may include social media, television, radio, or talking on the phone to your Aunt Sally. This will allow you to focus and relax more deeply into the endless possibilities of your birth!

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