Little Reminders and Suggestions for Relaxation in Pregnancy

Aug 11, 2021 | Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time filled with joy, excitement, and love, but it can also be a time of stress, anxiety, and fear. Studies have shown that “prenatal stress can have significant effects on pregnancy, maternal health and human development across the lifespan”. While some stress is unavoidable, you can limit the impact of that stress by managing it effectively. Let’s consider how you can do just that. 

Relaxation & the Senses

It is said that during pregnancy your senses are heightened and become extremely sensitive. Things you normally love like your favorite perfume become too strong. We have compiled a list of ways to reduce stress and improve relaxation during pregnancy, using each of your senses. You can lean into your senses and explore what makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Taste: Eat the foods you crave. It is okay to indulge so long as you are making sure you are eating plenty of nutrient-dense foods such as vegetables and fruit. 

Touch: Give your pets extra love and attention. They likely already know that change is coming and a baby is on the way. Ask your partner to give you a foot massage. Book an appointment with your favorite acupuncturist or prenatal massage therapit.

Listen: Put in your earbuds and drift into your favorite hypnosis recording or music. Call a friend and catch up with them while you have the time!

Smell: Light your favorite candle or aromatherapy oil. 

See: Get outside and visit your favorite place in nature. Surround yourself in the beauty that will make you feel good about yourself!

Breathe: Practice different breathing techniques that help ground you in your body.

Move: Even though pregnancy is exhausting, get up and move your body. Going for a 20-minute walk or hike twice a day will give you vitamin D and an energy boost!

HypnoBirthing for Relaxation

A unique childbirth education program, HypnoBirthing classes are largely focused on helping birthing people and their partners learn techniques for deep relaxation. This includes practicing breathing techniques, discussing and dispelling fear-inducing myths about birth, and leading parents through guided relaxation scripts for deepening. Other aspects discussed in the program such as selecting a supporting care provider and learning about how the birthing body is designed perfectly can be powerful in creating a positive expectancy for birth and reducing any anxieties, stress, or fears.

Providers Who Can Help Induce Relaxation During Pregnancy

Not everyone is good at finding relaxation on their own. In fact, most of us can benefit from a little help getting relaxed every once in a while. We previously mentioned meeting with an acupuncturist or massage therapist, but those aren’t your only options. In fact, there are several types of providers who offer services that bring upon relaxation. Some find chiropractic adjustments to be very relaxing. Others love a good facial. Reiki practitioners encourage a healthy flow of energy that reduces stressors, promotes healing, and – you guessed it – is extraordinarily relaxing!

Relax at Amazing Births & Beyond

You and your baby deserve nothing but the best. Give your baby the best start at life and give yourself the best start as a parent to this new child when you prioritize relaxation early and often. At our North Miami Beach perinatal care facility, we have an array of specialists that offer services to bring about relaxation during pregnancy and beyond. Call now for a consultation and to schedule an appointment.


Written By: Amazing Births & Beyond

Amazing Births & Beyond is a leading pregnancy care and support organization in South Florida that has been servicing the community and training new birth workers for decades.

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