Amazing Births & Beyond Empowering the Pregnancy & Birth Experience

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Amazing Births & Beyond Empowering the Pregnancy & Birth Experience

I cannot believe we only have 56 days until our predicted “due date” which means we only have a few more weeks to prepare. This journey has had so many up’s and downs and I truly feel it has already been the biggest mental test of my life. I have had to adapt to a lot of physical and mental change and I have no doubt that the lessons learned are only the beginning. Honestly and thankfully, I have had a fairly “easy” pregnancy. Other than the typical heartburn, low back pain and hormonal-induced cry-fests, I have been able to remain relatively “normal” in my routine, and have Dr. Vivian Keeler from Amazing Births and Beyond to thank for a lot of it!

Amazing Births and Beyond

I was introduced to ABB through my now Doula, Yoga Instructor and friend Iana Malcolm. Our first event was “Meet the Doula Night” where we confirmed that Iana was the woman we wanted to help bring our sweet boy into the world! A Doula is your “birthing teammate”. A person other than your partner who supports you every step of the way. Amazing Births and Beyond not only offers Doula services, but they offer tons of classes from Hypnobirthing and Yoga to breastfeeding, CPR, “Bringing Home Baby” and “Milk and Cookies” free breastfeeding support groups on the first Thursday of every month. I see Dr. Keeler for weekly chiropractic care, monthly prenatal massage and cannot wait to take baby “CJ” to the Amazing Baby Spa.

Amazing Births and Beyond

When Cory and I began to actually see delivery on the horizon and choose our desired birth path, we signed up for a Hypnobirthing course with Dr. Keeler. It was a 5-week session where we learned to trust our birthing instincts, positioning, the importance partner involvement, breath techniques and the process of labor in different settings. After we deliver and I have time to process, I will update you on the experience, but I have to tell you that the class not only changed my husbands whole perspective on delivery, but it brought us closer as we practice hypnobirthing every evening and I have even incorporated some of the breathwork to help me manage daily stress!

Amazing Births and Beyond

Since Amazing Births and Beyond has been such an important piece of my pregnancy story, I thought I would go straight to the source and get a few questions answered by Dr. Vivian Keeler herself!What is one piece of advice you would give women during pregnancy?Birth is normal, healthy and beautiful. Learn all you can about normal birth. It is imperative to find a healthcare provider who truly believes in a woman’s ability to birth normally and will support you with kindness.Immediately postpartum?Keep your baby close. Skin to skin contact can enhance the bonding and breastfeeding relationship. Be kind to yourself. Allow others to help when you need rest.

If a couple could only attend one class at ABB or in their area, which one would you recommend?HypnoBirthing. It will totally change your outlook on birth and prepare you for a positive experience.

Amazing Births and Beyond

What are the benefits prenatal chiropractic care? During pregnancy, there are many physiological and hormonal changes that can put extra strain on the spine and pelvis. Chiropractic care is a great way to manage these stresses.  Women who receive chiropractic care throughout their pregnancies have better pelvic alignment and balance which often equates to more comfort and better baby positioning; both so important in more comfortable pregnancy and easier birthing for mother and baby.

What are the top three benefits of hiring a doula? When is your next ‘meet the doula night’?

There have been many medical studies that show that having a doula can significantly improve the outcome of your birth. C-sections are greatly reduced, less medication and interventions are used, parents are more satisfied with the outcomes of their births and babies are born with fewer complications. Next “Meet the Doula Night” is Sunday, June 24 at 4:00 pm.

Dr. Keeler also says, “We’d love for families to know that we are here for them! All kinds of support (educational, wellness, fitness, emotional, breastfeeding, parenting etc.) under one roof. This place is for them and they will find it beautiful, serene and professional.”

Now that we are only a few weeks away from meeting our sweet boy, I am beyond grateful for the team
and resources available at Amazing Births and Beyond! They enabled me to truly enjoy my pregnancy and feel better, even when I was at my worst! I cannot wait until the next chapter and if you are in the South Florida area, make sure to pop in and say hello or book a class, chiropractor, massage or baby spa appointment today!

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Amazing Births & Beyond is a leading pregnancy care and support organization in South Florida that has been servicing the community and training new birth workers for decades.

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