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Many times in our culture we are programmed to believe that birth is dangerous, difficult and abnormal. At Amazing Births™ we believe in women and their ability to birth normally and with ease. We understand the importance of support and guidance in making birth a positive lifetime memory.

There is much more to the birthing process than just the physical act of giving birth. We understand that childbirth is fundamentally a spiritual, as well as a physical achievement. When we connect with our birthing instincts and the innate intelligence of our bodies, we are able to welcome our babies into the world in a positive atmosphere of calm and joy. We must remember that the birth of a child is the ultimate perfection of human love.

Meet the women behind Amazing Births & Beyond:

Dr. Vivian Keeler, Amazing Birth's and Beyond Birth Doulas and HypnoBirthing

Dr. Vivian Keeler

Dr. Keeler is a Chiropractic Physician, Certified Doula (DONA), HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, and Certified Hypnotist whose focus is on the care of pregnant women and their families. By encouraging women to trust in their bodies and educating them so that they may make informed choices, she empowers them to have healthier, safer and more positive childbirth experiences. Dr. Vivian is known for bringing an aura of calmness to the birth place and for sharing her wisdom with gentle kindness. Dr. Keeler was awarded the HypnoBirthing Institute’s Diamond Award in 2008 for outstanding contributions to the advancement of HypnoBirthing and has  been named Vice President of the HypnoBirthing Institute. She has traveled nationally and internationally certifying birth professionals to teach HypnoBirthing. She is certified in the Webster Technique and has attended post graduate education hours in Chiropractic pediatrics. Dr. Vivian is the founder of Amazing Births and Beyond and is the co creator of several training programs. She has been featured in numerous articles about Chiropractic and Pregnancy, HypnoBirthing and Doula Services.

Learn more about Dr. Vivian in this interview in Authority Magazine.  Authority Magazine interview

E-mail: or Office: 954-610-9754

Meet our amazing doulas…

Pamela, Amazing Birth's and Beyond Birth Doulas and HypnoBirthing


As a licensed Massage Therapist with over twenty years of experience, Pamela’s focus has been on Mother Massage, Infant Massage, as well as massage of clients with developmental and physical disabilities. As a Doula for the past four years, she enjoys bringing her knowledge of herbal remedies and essential oils together with her massage experience to help support the entire experience of the birth family.

Sharon, Amazing Birth's and Beyond Birth Doulas and HypnoBirthing


Sharon Hamilton, L.M., L.M.T., began educating and supporting women in pregnancy after experiencing her own three pregnancies and births.  Her pregnancies lit a spark in her that led to a passionate desire to educate other women and support them on their journey to motherhood.  Her babies were delivered naturally and breastfed.  Sharon has been a doula for over forty years.  She believes strongly in Informed Consent for all health care recipients and teaches people an acronym that is helpful.  Use your BRAINS when seeking medical and healthcare advice.  What are the Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Indications, No, I don’t want that, Sequelae?

Sharon also practices as a Licensed Midwife,(Lic.# MW16) and Massage Therapist(Lic.#MA3981).  She has been licensed in Florida as a Midwife and Massage Therapist since 1986 and 1982 respectively.  She is certified in Infant Massage and Mother Massage, and Aromatherapy and she has training in multiple childbirth education methods, including Hypnobirthing.  As a Midwife, Sharon has years of experience that provides not only medical knowledge but wisdom.  As a Massage Therapist, she is trained in the use of Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy and Massage. She urges all women planning hospital birth to have a doula, someone on your team with experience who is with you constantly helping you to relax, release and to feel comfortable in the environment of the hospital. Sharon provides doula services exclusively for moms planning hospital delivery.  Sharon is a midwife to moms planning home and birth center births.

One of the many things Sharon loves is, teaching.  She teaches our WaterBirth Information Class as well as classes for doulas and parents.

Trudie, Amazing Birth's and Beyond Birth Doulas and HypnoBirthing


I was born in the U.K. I am married and have two children, both born naturally in a beautiful little cottage hospital in Cheshire, England.

I moved to the U.S.A. in 1991 and finally settled in South Florida in 2002. It was here that I picked up a South Florida parenting magazine that was filled with birthing statistics. I was shocked and amazed at how birthing had changed since I had my children! I was particularly alarmed at the C-section rate in South Florida, OVER 50%. In fact, one hospital held the record of “highest number of C- sections” in the entire country! It was at that moment my journey began. Working with mommies and babies was to be my calling.

As a birth doula, I have had the honor and privilege of welcoming over a hundred babies into this world. I have also had the pleasure of teaching parents the art of relaxation through HypnoBirthing, guiding parents over those initial hurdles of bringing baby home, helping parents recognize and understand baby’s body language and the beautiful art of infant massage. For those that don’t have the time to attend my class or just need the odd reminder, I have starred in and produced an Instructional DVD: The Trifecta of Infant Massage. This includes step by step visual and auditory instructions on three individual routines; full body massage, a simple routine to assist with easing colic and a fun gentle stretch exercise for you and your baby to enjoy. I am also in the process of having my first book published “Around the Womb in two hundred and eighty days”. Visit Trudie in our Amazing Baby Spa!

Stephanie, Amazing Birth's and Beyond Birth Doulas and HypnoBirthing


Stephanie was born and raised in South Florida, and became passionate about childbirth after experiencing the natural labor and birth of her son. The desire to help other women achieve a safer and healthier birth led her to discover the wonderful community that has been fostered by Amazing Births and Beyond. She is the oldest of eight children, and grew up helping to care for her siblings. She loves the ocean and her favorite activities include snorkeling, surfing and kayaking.

.Courtney, Amazing Birth's and Beyond Birth Doulas and HypnoBirthing

In over ten years of practice, Courtney has become a dedicated teacher, studying with the most well respected movement teachers in the South Florida community, and leading vinyasa yoga classes that combine classic asana postures and strength building poses with a focus on both the dynamics of alignment and subtleties of posture, to create a practice that leads to greater ease and fluidity of movement. Courtney also teaches at several Montessori and private schools, and parenting support centers, leading Prenatal, Mom & Tot, and Baby & Me, and Kid’s Classes.

She leads kids yoga teacher trainings and contributes to 200 hour teacher training programs where she teaches modules on Anatomy of Movement, PrenatalYoga, and KidsYoga Instruction. Courtney leads our Saturday morning prenatal yoga  and Baby& me yoga classes.

Esther, Amazing Birth's and Beyond Birth Doulas and HypnoBirthing

Esther has over 27 years of experience in the childbirth and breastfeeding field. Her passion for the profession began first-hand by the onset of motherhood. Fueled by the priceless self-accomplishment of achieving successful exclusive breastfeeding for all three of her children; Esther has stopped at nothing to express her desire and purpose of educating, facilitating, and assisting mothers & organizations all over the Country to learning more about the benefits of breastfeeding.

Esther has her degrees in nursing specializing in Maternal and Child Health, Business and Health Care Administration / Management. Esther is a registered nurse, IBCLC, and Certified Lactation Educator™ and Childbirth Educator. Esther serves as the Florida Department of Health Broward County WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator, President of Broward County Breastfeeding Coalition, and faculty for the CAPPA CLE© program.

Esther list of awards and accomplishments extend from various organizations, individuals, as well as personal conquests. This led her on a personal quest to fulfill a vision of a ‘better maternal equipped community’ to open, own, & manage A Mother’s Choice Childbirth and Breastfeeding Services for 22 years. After making her mark on the community, Esther decided to join forces with the state and build the community from a federal perspective. She established the Florida Department of Health Broward County WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program in 2003. Esther has been awarded the 2013 Florida Department of Health Davis Productivity Award for implementing innovative ideas to improved staff education and training. Esther was awarded the Gold WIC Loving Support Award of Excellence for Breastfeeding Support and Practices and the Certificate of Appreciation from the USDA in 2015. With Esther’ leadership and management, In 2016 NACCHO (National Association of County & City Health Officials) recognized the Florida Department of Health Broward WIC Peer Counselor’s program as one of the Model community practices provided a diversity of peer or professional-led lactation support services which increased breastfeeding rates in the community.

In her private time, Esther is a very committed individual to her commitment and belief in God, believing that we all have a deeper part to play in our time here on Earth. She enjoys spending time with her family and having long walks on the beach. In addition, enjoys bike riding for its great health benefits.

Esther teaches our breastfeeding classes and breastfeeding support groups.

Jiwan, Amazing Birth's and Beyond Birth Doulas and HypnoBirthing

                                                        Jiwan Kaur

Jiwan Kaur E-RYT 500, is a renowned Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Coach, Minister and Birthing Coach.
She has been teaching the sacred technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, for over 10 years. She has offered hundreds of classes, workshops and retreats and is a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Jiwan has presented at various events and Wellness Facilities including Yoga Fest, The Zen Cruise, Earth Day Fest, Omechaye Wellness Center and the Standard Spa in Miami.

Jiwan is the mother of 7 divine children, and newly a grandmother. Jiwan devotes her life to enhancing the continued expression of love and wisdom in all. Her unbounded enthusiasm is encouraging and nurturing to all those who attend her classes and workshops and retreats.

Jamey Kahl

Birth Doula / Meditation & Yoga Instructor

I am a birth doula and Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga Instructor with a passion to provide continuous emotional, physical, and educational support for the mother and partner throughout pregnancy and childbirth.
As your birth doula, I will do my best to ensure you have a safe, fulfilling, and empowering experience as you embark on this transformative journey as a family.


Understands the physiological and psychological processes of pregnancy and childbirth.

Implements hands-on techniques, including labor positions, massage, and breath- work before and during labor.

Complements and enhances partner’s role in birth. Supports partner as an active participant in the birth journey.

Facilitates open communication between the mother and care provider. Creates a unified team with hospital staff.

Provides practical and empowering resources about a woman’s birth choices for her to make informed decisions.


DONA International Birth Doula Training November 2018

Asheville Yoga Center
200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher March 2017

University of Florida Masters of Art Education August 2016

Life Experiences

Owner of Wheelhouse Art Studio
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Integrating mindfulness and expressive arts.

Art Educator at Sinai Residences Implements art classes for a senior living facility.

Mama & Me Yoga Instructor
Yoga classes incorporating movements for mom and baby.


Alizee Shooltz (305) 778-3611