Dancing for Birth

Dancing for Birth

Dancing For Birth class is designed to help make pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum recovery and healing easier for both mothers and babies.

When: Every Saturday @ 2PM (Pre-Registration Required)

Investment: $40/couple

PRENATAL: Learn the moves to use throughout pregnancy and in labor to help baby come out singing. Dancing for Birth™ combines the wisdom of traditional women’s dances from around the world with the latest research to help mommas stay fit and prepare for an empowering birth experience.

Dancing for Birth™ classes are designed to teach your body many of the best natural positions for birth and help you feel comfortable using them. The class also covers childbirth education topics such as fetal positioning, stages of labor, pain management and more.

POSTPARTUM: Wear your baby to class and join other mommas in moving, toning and strengthening your postpartum body. Ask questions about what baby is doing and why and learn how to thrive in the transition to parenthood.

Each Dancing for Birth™ class includes:

  • Belly dance and other traditional dance forms
  • Prenatal yoga and stretching
  • Relaxation, breathing and pain management techniques
  • Birth ritual exploration
  • Childbirth education
  • Community with other mommas

No experience necessary!


Dancing for Birth

Date Night Edition – Monthly

Dancing with a partner is an excellent way to promote upright labor positions which reduces the length of time that you are in labor. Dancing for Birth (Date Night) provides an opportunity to learn dance strategies that ease labor, in combination with other complimentary strategies (such as aromatherapy and therapeutic touch) that increase pleasure and oxytocin release during labor.

This is a partnered experience so please bring your significant other, support person, or doula with you. No partner, no problem! Just contact us prior to class and we will pair you before the class. We will explore sensual movement paired with therapeutic touch and aromatherapy to increase pleasure during your pregnancy and labor. Join us for an evening of music, dim lights, and dancing to promote a pleasurable birth experience.

Investment: $40/couple

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Class Policies

How Do I Signup For Class?

Pre-registration is required through Mind Body APP touchless registration.

If you have never used Mind Body, you can create a new account.

If you already have an account, but forgot your username or password, send us an email.

What Are The Reservation Policies?

We take pre-registration seriously! If you don’t show up for a reserved class, or if you cancel late (within 4 hours from class), your visit will count as if you attended class. You can always cancel your reservation early (before 4 hours from class) and your visit will be put back into your membership. If you feel sick or unwell for any reason, do not come to class! Email us to let us know what’s going on, we will remove you from class without penalty.

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