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About Mercedes

Hello, my name is Mercedes and I’m a student doula. After hearing many of my friends’ birth stories and seeing them throughout their pregnancies, I realized that serving pregnant and laboring women was something I wanted to do.

Childbirth is probably one of the most beautiful and important aspects of a woman’s life, and everyone deserves to have a beautiful birth experience. That is what makes doula work so beautiful, my job is to help mamas have the birth they desire.

I am an advocate for all things natural, such as water births, massages, pressure, and positioning as some forms of natural pain relief, as well as breathing exercises and emotional support as well to make sure the birthing woman feels empowered, so she knows she can conquer her labor. If a woman chooses a medicated birth, she will still have my full support and I will work harder to ensure that her voice is heard so she can have a beautiful birth. My goal as a doula is to support and educate mamas as much as I can to prepare them for the miracle of birth.

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