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Being a mother of two myself, I realize how crucial professional care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum period is. This is why I chose to become a doula and have studied the HypnoBirthing parent course. My goal is that every mother feels grounded, nourished, empowered and ready to take on motherhood! I make sure that my clients receive physical and emotional care, both before and after birth with evidence-based knowledge to make informed decisions and personalized support from me during this transitional time in a professional, non-biased way. I myself have experienced both a medicated hospital birth and an unmedicated hospital birth and I know what it feels like to be pregnant, and to have the anxiety and fear of the unknown take over. I know the concerns about how to care for the life of a newborn child and how this new addition may change a family dynamic. I know the desire to want to be a perfect mother, and the fear of not knowing everything and wondering “how will I ever learn it all?”. I understand all of these concerns, which are absolutely valid- and I want to take the weight of these worries off of your shoulders by providing nurturing and empowering care. I truly believe that a quick and successful recovery after birth is possible with the right support and wellness resources. I work with women wanting to have all different kinds of birth experiences- homebirths, at birth centers or at the hospital. I am experienced in different types of births such as vaginal, cesarean, and vaginal after previous C-section. I am also very familiar with many unexpected situations in births, and prepared for whatever may come. I love to bring my knowledge that I’ve acquired through my own background and training from different cultures into my practice and continue to take trainings, and keep up with the latest information so that I am able to provide my clients with the best support possible.

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