Class Policies

We ask that all students  pre-register for ALL classes online or by using the MindBody App for  mobile devices. Students who do not pre-register for a class cannot be  guaranteed a spot.

This will help teachers better  prepare for making sure the class can set up and run smoothly. If a  class is full with pre-registrants, drop-in Students who did not  pre-register on line are welcome to wait until the class is just about  to begin to see if any spots become available. Pre-registering is the  only way to guarantee your spot for a class.

All Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-shareable.

Weekly virtual Classes


Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is both a magical time of anticipation and a time of great  change. A prenatal yoga practice provides the perfect opportunity for  mamas to practice self care and to bond with their growing baby. This  class helps participants  meet the need of their changing bodies,  allowing them to release any tension and soreness related to pregnancy,  support a healthy range of motion, and maintain toned muscles. Emphasis  is placed on understanding and working with the birthing muscles, breath  work, mental calming and centering, and deep relaxation techniques. 

Fridays @10:30 am

Saturdays @9:30 am



Kundalini Conscious Pregnancy Yoga

This  is an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices. It  incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the  chanting of mantras. The goal is to build physical vitality and  increased consciousness to allow you to deeply connect to your pregnancy  and baby. 

Wednesdays @ 10:00 am



Baby & Me Yoga

Baby and Me yoga helps transition mamas smoothly through the busy  early months of caring for a new baby, contributing to her physical and  mental well being. This multilevel class is designed to improve posture,  strengthen the pelvic floor, rebuild the core, release tension, and  help mama find ease in her daily movements while strengthening the  emotional and physical bond between mother and child.

Saturdays @ 10:30 am



1 class ~20

 3 classes ~55 

6 classes~108