Conversations to Have with Loved Ones Before the Baby is Born

Aug 11, 2021 | Pregnancy

It is important to prepare and plan as best as you can before the baby arrives. When I talk to new parents, most of them agree how hard postpartum is initially. There are a few topics worth discussing ahead of time with your partner that will make you feel more calm and confident as a team.

  1. Who will be feeding the baby, and how?
  2. Who will be waking up at night? Is it possible to create a system or tag team with your partner?
  3. Who will be preparing meals?
  4. If there are other children, who will support them?
  5. What systems can you put in place when you need a break? (in laws, siblings, etc come over to watch the baby)
  6. How can you support each other when you are exhausted?

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