The Amazing Baby Spa

Your precious baby spent the first part of their life in a perfect  water bubble; perfect in temperature and perfect in size. Our Amazing Baby Spa offers us the ability to recreate that feeling for your baby in one of  our spacious and individual float tubs. 


Amazing baby Spa ( 6 Weeks - 6 months old)

Crystal clear water is heated to  the perfect body temperature to ensure that your baby will feel  completely at ease and totally relaxed in the utero-like environment.  Baby will enjoy 20 to 30 minutes floating, (don’t be surprised if baby  even falls asleep!) Following this relaxing experience, what could be  better than being wrapped in a warm hooded organic towel and dried  gently, followed by a full body massage from one of your baby’s favorite  people, mommy or daddy. Don’t worry parents, you will be clearly  instructed in the art of infant massage by one of our certified  instructors, allowing you to continue this art at home. 

Besides being  wonderfully relaxing for your baby, here are just a few of the amazing  benefits of hydrotherapy and massage for infants:

  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Regulating and strengthening the digestive system
  • Alleviating bloating and the pain often associated with gas
  • It can also help enhance the immune system function
  • Reduce the stress hormone cortisol and norepinephrine
  • Promotes bonding and attachment
  • Encourages muscular coordination
  • Stimulates the vagus nerve, which stimulates the release of food absorption hormones insulin and glucose
  • Increases circulation

Price: Initial visit $125.00 for approximately an hour (timing may vary  with each baby), follow up visits $85.00. Discount packages available.