What our clients say…

Our Doula and HypnoBirthing services can help you have the amazing birth you want! Find out first-hand from our clients in Miami, Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Aventura, Boca Raton and beyond!

Dear Vivian,

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for crossing paths with you. Your guidance played a huge part in how my birth plan was formed. I had basic ideas of what I wanted, but you filled in all of the gaps and gave me the confidence and knowledge to achieve my wishes. The information you provided in the Hypnobirthing class was some of the most valuable I’ve ever received. Our baby boy is such a wonderful and relaxed baby. He breastfed right away and is continuing to do well with that. There are no issues to mention…he’s perfect! I get teary eyed every time I look at him and think about him…it’s probably the hormones, but I think it’s mostly just TRUE LOVE!

“To the staff of Amazing Births, we would like to thank you for ALL of the services that you offer. We enjoyed our HypnoBirthing classes and utilized it’s techniques during the birth of our son. I loved the prenatal yoga classes that I took every Tuesday and looked forward to it each week. Again…thank you for your guidance and support during my pregnancy!”

~Robin – Boca Raton, Florida

Hypnobirthing was one of the best and most informative classes I’ve ever taken. Dr. Keeler was wonderful at putting my mind at ease and helping me view birth with a new perspective. I am no longer afraid. I feel empowered. I KNOW that we got this (me, my body, and my baby). Thank you Dr. Keeler, I am forever grateful !

~Nelinda, Miami

“I was terrified of childbirth until Vivian’s class. Then I just felt a ridiculous amount of empowerment. When Carol told me I was 6.5cm when I got to the birthing center I mentally said “okay, lets do this!” When it was done, I was so proud of myself! I didn’t freak out or yell or lose my cool. I had an amazing experience and totally think HypnoBirthng did it!” 


“Vivian, words cannot express my gratitude for what you have done for me. You were such an important part of the miracle of my little baby’s birth. Your confidence in me, your support and kindness will never be forgotten. You truly made a difference in my life by helping me through what I thought would be a terrifying experience. You were right, I feel so completely empowered by my birth experience. I feel like a new person, so much stronger, capable of conquering any fear and challenge….”

~A.V. – Miami Beach, Florida

I loved HypnoBirthing and it really works! You need to out in the time and listen to the CD’s and classes but it is SO worth it! My birth was beautiful and magical. Pain very tolerable. So blessed to know Vivian Keeler!

~ Amanda, Hollywood

“Vivian, thank you so much for being my doula and friend. You don’t know how much you gave to me by believing in me when I didn’t. Your soothing voice and pleasant demeanor all helped me through my delivery. You have a special gift and I’m so fortunate to have met you. We are so grateful to you for your care and attention.”

~S.S. Miami, L.


Vivian-“This note is long overdue in thanking you for all you did to make our birth experience truly amazing and beautiful. You must hear that from all of your families but it is something we’ll never forget and can’t wait to tell our baby all about it one day. You may laugh but we felt from the moment we met you that you were this angel guiding us through this experience. A change of doctors, a mellow and welcoming disposition and words of confidence-all things you brought to us upon arriving in a new city where everything was a bit daunting. Thank you so much. It is an experience I re-live in my mind every single day-and I can’t wait to do it again!”

~K,S and C – Miami, Florida

Dearest Vivian-“We cannot begin to thank you enough in the HypnoBirth sessions & especially at the birth of our daughter last week. She surprised us all with her timing but you were right there by our side. I truly don’t know if I could have resisted the surges and urge to give up without your magical hands, voice and presence. We were honored to have you there & hope you can join us for the next one.”

~J&G, Miami

Vivian-I am forever grateful for you. I am certain that I would not have had such a wonderful experience if it wasn’t for you. Your support and teachings during my last trimester gave me the confidence that I could have a beautiful natural birth experience. Thank you for coaching A so that he could be an integral part of his son’s birth. Your ability to sooth such awful back pain is miraculous. Your calm, soothing presence in the hospital was literally my crutch to lean on during intense moments. Thank you for pursuing your God given talent of empowering women to have amazing births. With much love and gratitude”

~ H – Hollywood, Florida

Dearest Vivian-“Infinite thanks and infinite love.”

~K & M – Miami Beach, Florida

Vivian, “There is no way I can adequately express my gratitude for your successful effort to make J’s birth just as I’d dreamed it would be..peaceful & filled with love. It truly was amazing. Thank you.

~LWM – Miami, Florida